Houses Sfantu Gheorghe

Year:               2021

Program:      habitation


Location:            Sfantu Gheorghe

Surface:              660 sqm

Status:                 Opinion

Recent global events have significantly increased the demand for housing. We are also talking about many people who are coming back to the country and have obviously increased the demand for housing by expressing the option to invest. On the other hand more and more people have chosen, constrained by the situation to work from home.

Given these facts, the housing program evolves, adapting to the new requirements, in which the user values more the efficiency of space.


The Borviz neighbourhood located in Sfantu Gheorghe city, is intended to be a significant landmark for individual housing, which is why the administration proposed the construction of more housing neighbourhoods designed to meet various social categories.

This complex also includes our proposal of row-houses, in a configuration of five units with relatively similar partitions and efficient arrangement of spaces to ensure a high standard of living.


The variations of the houses are given on one hand by the number of bedrooms / rooms on the upper level as well as by the external enclosure for the median units, where a generous terrace has been proposed, in the absence of a generous garden like those of the neighboring units. Thus, the option of building an additional room becomes a possibility only in the event that the owners reach this need in time, not being forced to purchase a space that they do not yet know if they need.

This concept of bringing flexibility and adaptability of space closer in time indicates a better understanding of potential customers and how the proposed architecture corresponds to the usual needs.