Nursey Orhideelor

Year:                    2019

Program:      Educational


Location:                Alba Iulia

Surface:         1835 sqm

Status:                Opinion

The nursery in Orhideelor ​​Street, Alba Iulia, shape an integrated concept that aims to deserve a number of 90 children aged 1 to 3 years, in which the positive impact and the entire architectural approach is meant to actively contribute to aesthetic development of the urban environment and to be a reference for similar functions

The concept differentiates in space these volumes that are based on the shape of construction with frames, through consoles and retreats, thus prefiguring the route to the interior space. Opens two large spaces that serve for play and food. They are closely related to the central frame that functionally divides space into two distinct areas that define main functions (playroom and dining room) and auxiliary functions (kitchen). At the border between these areas are the bedrooms – the most important spaces where children spend their time in small groups. These spaces have been designed separately, in groups that, as the case may be, share the same locker room or bathroom, so as to minimize the effort of the staff, bringing extra sustainability to the concept. The spaces have been dimensioned so as to cover as much as possible the needs of the little ones.


The solution foreshadows the compaction of the outdoor space and its relocation to a more protected area (courtyards and terrace). It removes the barriers given by the “traditional”,that usually surrounds the current growth and gives more freedom to the little ones. Existing areas offer alternatives for further development of the nursery, with more sleeping and playing spaces, as the outdoor space is generous enough to cover a larger capacity. The possibility for children to play in a protected outdoor space gives prospects for correct developments and an education suitable for the little ones, the positive impact and the whole architectural approach being meant to actively contribute to the aesthetic development of the urban environment and to be a reference. for similar functions.