Parking Arnsberg

Year:                    2019

Program:      comercial


Location:          Alba Iulia

Surface:            4727 sqm

Status:               Opinion

The parking that is located on Arnsberg Street, a  very transited area in the city of Alba Iulia, aims at a sustainable concept that strives to make full use of the terrace of the proposed building. The concept aims to find sustainable densification solutions that balance the need for parking spaces in the area and the lack of green spaces. Often, buildings whose functions are complementary, were treated with architectural indifference and rarely integrate into the context. The solution, beyond the use of the roof, the creation of green spaces with low and medium vegetation as well as a playground, also involves a contemporary approach regarding the façade. It is made of perforated mesh, having as the graphic motif the shape of the Alba-Iulia fortress, an emblem succesfully used in many instances and which tends to become a memorable image. Intervention in the urban context involves the demolition of an existing building that does not comply with the current operating rules, a building used for the accomodation of the workers that helped with the construction of blocks during the communist period. The solution of using the space resulting from the construction of a parking lot involves a much more general thinking, we conclude that these interventions can populate the spaces between the blocks over time and develop a new perspective of space efficiency.