The West University of Timișoara

Year:                    2020

Program:     educational


Location:               Timișoara

Suprafață:         756 sqm

Status:                execution

The West University of Timișoara, a symbolic building of the city, designed in the 60s by the architect Hans Fackelmann, who preserves the sober image of socialist modernism, remarkable for its well-defined proportions and the functionality of the interior spaces.

In the full process of modernization, starting from the constraint of a limited budget, it was requested to arrange the interior spaces so that, through an efficient furnishing, the spaces would meet the current needs of the users.


The chromatic integration of the furniture pieces was taken into account, in a correlation and complementarity with the proposed finishes so that each space, whether we are talking about classrooms, seminar rooms or administrative spaces, responds from an aesthetic point of view to new trends.